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There is a long list of powdered metal companies competing for your business, but Dominion Powdered Metals stands out from the others in four key ways:


STRENGTH To quote an age-old adage, “the strength of the wolf is in the pack; the strength of the pack is in the wolf.” We believe in ourselves and we believe in each other and that our greatness is not as much in any one of us, but in all of us together. We work as a small and mighty team and we find that our biggest strength lies in our simple, yet enduring values – being fair and honest, good to our employees and our customers, and giving our best each day. 

EXPERIENCE  We learned this industry from the ground up across two continents and confidently supply small industrial through Tier-1 automotive customers. We have worked with and for the largest and smallest companies and can navigate both comfortably. Regardless of the size of your company or the scope of your project, we guarantee the same unwavering commitment and attention to detail.


INNOVATION  We are big thinkers and we love a challenge. We are creative problem-solvers and can offer our customers tailored options and solutions for almost any application, from start to finish. 


AMBITION  Our manufacturing roots run deep here in north-central Pennsylvania and many of us were raised by parents and grandparents who spent much of their lives on factory floors. We learned from the hard work and dedication they possessed and it became who we are. Our work ethic is unsurpassed. We have worked extremely hard for this business and we will work equally hard for YOUR business. 

The Dominion industrial complex includes a 30,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility housing standard and hydraulic presses ranging in capacity from 12 to 250 tons, along with four sintering furnaces. Our production equipment includes complete vacuum impregnation systems, reamers, vibratory screen and small blender for powder processing, vibratory finishing equipment, and assembly equipment.

  • Ferrous powder metals • straight Iron and many steel alloys to 7.4 g/cc

  • Copper infiltrated steels & soft magnetic steels to 7.5 g/cc

  • Stainless steel powder metals • 300 & 400 series to 7.4 g/cc

  • Non-ferrous powder metals • brass, bronze, nickel silver to 8.3 g/cc

  • Heavy hybrids density to 16.4 g/cc

  • Sintering • 2100 degrees F

  • Quantity • small prototype lots to high volume production runs

Our secondary capabilities include:

  • Heat treatment

  • Stream oxidizing

  • Reaming, broaching, drilling, tapping

  • Platings, coatings

  • Vibratory finishing

  • Oil impregnation

  • Resin impregnation

  • Component assembly

  • CNC machining and grinding

More About Dominion
Dominion Team
Brian Slusarick • President
Professional headshot of Brian Slusarick
Lynn Lyon • Director of Finance and Procurement
Professional headshot of Lynn Lyon
Sara Goheen • Quality Engineer
Mary Villella • Customer Service Manager
Steve Rosette • Director of Sales, Southern Region
Professional headshot of Steve Rosette
Pete Oliver • Director of Sales, Midwestern Region
Professional headshot of Pete Oliver
Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are always looking for good people who want to learn the PM business and grow with our company. Send us your resume and we will contact you if an available position matches your skills and experience.

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